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Chris Cervantes is the president and founder of Cardinal Buoy, one of the most professional financial literacy company in the Philippines. He is one of the finest Registered Financial Planner (RFP™) of the Philippines. He has made several media appearances in TV5, ANC on the Money, Chink Positive, Money Sense Magazine, and several others.

Since the founder of this group, Christopher G. Cervantes, was a seafarer for seventeen years, his success philosophy was greatly influenced by his work and profession on board the ship. He wondered why the ship owner, even not being on board, was able to become rich and successful on his shipping business. While the seafarer, who is the reason of success of a ship owner, constantly struggle to find his own way to financial freedom and most end with nothing. With these, Chris Cervantes concludes that, if we just follow what the seafarers do to conduct a ship from one place to another in a safest and shortest possible route, success will never be just a dream at all.

From Chris realization, he started applying the concept in his life and proved that it is really a worthy concept. From then on, he started teaching the concept to his fellow seafarers. On May 2012, Chris published his book "Financial Planning for the Fast Changing World," under a publishing house he founded, Cardinal Buoy Publication. After that, he started to meet people who believed on all the principles he had been teaching, and later they formed the Cardinal Buoy Group.

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