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At the end of this whole-day personal finance seminar, you will learn how to properly manage your finances while you work hard for your goals. Boost your personality development, learn the right way of budgeting and setting a realistic timeline for your goals. Fill-up the form below to register.


*This event is limited to 30 seats only. After submitting the form, please wait for a text confirmation of your reserved slot. Seminar Reminders

about the speaker

Learn the basics of personal finance from Capt. Chris Cervantes, president and founder of Cardinal Buoy. He is one of the finest Registered Financial Planner (RFP™) of the Philippines. He has made several media appearances in TV5, ANC on the Money, Chink Positive, Money Sense Magazine, and several others.

things you will learn

Make sure to bring a pen and paper to take note of these very useful and practical informations.

Economic outlook: How Filipino, like you, can benefit and be part of the Philippine's fastest growing economy.

How to properly budget your money while you are working for a company.

How to organize your goals and set a realistic timeline in achieving it.

Learn the basics of what is a stock market.

Yes, you should take a loan: How to decide and go for a good loan or a bad loan.

Don't get an insurance you don't need.

Three types of businesses: How you can start yours.

*This event is major sponsored by Philamlife and Cardinalbuoy. *Walk-ins are not allowed. Make sure to register before the event. *Free for general public. P1000 door charge for financial advisors.

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