The Best Christmas Gift

Celebrations are a quick translation for “Christmas season’ for many Filipinos. Many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and seafarers also come home to their families for this annual merry making. This 2020 however, celebrations might not be the same due to the lingering effects of the pandemic on the Philippines. What could be the best way … Read more

How to Handle A Money Conversation During A Crisis

Joe was 21 years old when the 2008 financial crisis happened. He still remembers how severely affected his overseas Filipino worker (OFW) neighbors were that time. He considered himself lucky because his uncle helped him finish college and get hired by the shipping company where the latter was working. But his uncle was due to … Read more

The Right Financial Decisions For Your Child’s Education During This Pandemic – Ano Ba Ang Tamang Paraan Ng Pag Gastos Sa Pag Aaral Ng Anak Natin Ngayon Taon

Ano Ba Ang Tamang Paraan Ng Pag Gastos Sa Pag Aaral Ng Anak Natin Ngayon Taon. DEPED has recently announced a shocking decision, classes have been moved again on October 5, 2020. This has added more confusion to an already confusing school year for all of us here in the Philippines, especially when it comes to our budget for their education.

If you are a seafarer, you don’t need to buy insurance!

Talking about life insurance is never a “fun” conversation on board the ship. Most seafarers view life insurance as an expense but never an investment neither a form of savings. In fact, life insurance sounds morbid because it always signifies death. Although it is true that life insurance might not be an investment but it … Read more

Financial Planning for OFWs

This article was written by Kyle Kam, Digital Marketing Specialist, Working abroad opens you up to all kinds of experiences. Many Filipinos dream of working abroad. Those who do find employment there do so in order to be able to provide for their families back here. To date, the number of Filipinos leaving the country to work abroad … Read more

A Replacement to your SSS Pension

Do you think about your retirement? How’s it gonna be? For some, it’s a question of “how do you enjoy this stage?” but for many, it’s “how will you survive this?”. Let’s talk about how you can prepare for your retirement. So, how much budget will you need in your Golden Years? You might know … Read more

The Wealth Triangle

You want to invest. You can invest. But you are not sure if this is the right move for you. You are afraid that you might lose your hard-earned money in a blink of an eye. Don’t worry, I know the feeling. That’s exactly what I felt before and I’m here to help you know … Read more