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Writing and Publishing Your First Book

It's now time to get that book out of your head and get it published. Your inner self might be nagging you for the longest time that your ideas will surely change someone's life. But when you sit down in front of your laptop you start to feel overwhelmed...after writing "The quick brown fox.." drill -you get stuck.

Starting and Growing Your Business During Crisis

Starting or growing your existing business during downturn can potentially help you capitalize on a weaker economy and avoid many of the difficulties affecting current businesses.While crisis is never a desirable situation, some of the world’s greatest businesses have started during a downturn or recession.

Learn from one of the finest Registered Financial Planner in the Philippines.

Featured in most of the major Philippines major news and digital publications, Chris Cervantes is a Registered Financial Planner of RFP Philippines. He is author of Financial Planning for the Fast Changing World and The Seed Money. A multi-awarded financial planner helping Filipinos in achieving financial independence.

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