Are You Tracking Your Financial Grade?

When we were in school, it was not only parents but also noteworthy students who were grade-conscious. Exam results, medals, and recognition became the bases for favors, especially during shopping sprees. Grades turned out to be the ultimate bargaining power! Students who were described as carefree and infamous, on the other hands, were the ones … Read more

How to Find the Right Career for You

This article is written by Joanne Alorro of Cardinal Buoy Financials If we are to describe what’s the best job for us, many of us will say it’s the high-paying job. Of course we need to be well-compensated for our hard work. But I am also pretty sure that a lot will say it should … Read more


When I was still a novice seafarer, meron isang incident na nakapagmulat sa akin sa katotohanan that “most of the people identify seafarers as milking cows.” Right after I recovered from an unfortunate work related accident, I was now fit for sea duty and more than eager to work. Kaso nga lang the “Assistant” Fleet … Read more