How to Find the Right Career for You


This article is written by Joanne Alorro of Cardinal Buoy Financials

If we are to describe what’s the best job for us, many of us will say it’s the high-paying job. Of course we need to be well-compensated for our hard work. But I am also pretty sure that a lot will say it should be a job that we really want.

Though we have different reasons for taking our courses in college, we did not gain our degrees for nothing. We want to exercise the skills we have learned so we can be of service to our fellowmen. But in life, things do not always go our way. We may have found a high-paying job but it’s not really in lined with our course. We may have found our ideal job but our salary is either the minimum or just a tiny bit above it. While it’s true that some are blessed enough to get big salaries for the job they want, not all of them gets enough time to spend with family. Some even have to spend years and years away from their loved ones just to pursue their career and earn more.

You can’t have it all as they say. But you can always choose what’s the best. The following points should be taken into consideration upon finding the right career for you:

  1.  Does it give you earnings you deserve?In our jobs, sometimes no matter how hard working you are, a raise or a promotion is just so hard to get. Then you see your colleagues not giving much effort to their work yet you still get the same salary every payday. Makes you think you might as well just do the same. But does it do you any good? How long can you stand staying at the same position without any growth? Isn’t it nice to find a job wherein the amount of your effort is equals the amount of your income? The more effort you exert, the more earnings you get. Imagine unlimited income if you work hard enough.
  2.  Does it give you fulfillment?A lot of people just settle for a job where it gives them stable income not minding if it gives them self-satisfaction or not. It doesn’t matter what work they are doing just as long as they are paid regularly. But isn’t it more worthy of our time if we actually help people with the job that we do? The kind of job that makes difference to people’s lives? It is more fulfilling if our job gives us opportunity to help people with what truly matters to them. Help them secure their family, improve themselves, achieve their dreams, etc. When you have that kind of impact to others, you get that tremendous impact for yourself in return.
  3.  Does it keep you close to your family?
    Most high-paying jobs require sacrifices such as spending a long time away from family even during holidays. For parents, this is really hard because they have to miss the stage of their child’s life wherein the little kid needs their presence most. This scenario is true to the many OFWs who worked abroad for many years. The right kind of job should not take away the valuable time we spend with our families or loved ones. Life is too short to miss the moments that make our lives worthwhile. While it’s good that we are sacrificing for the security of our family’s future, it’s better if one of those sacrifices won’t include the critical times that should be spent with our children and loved ones.
  4. Does it give you time to do what you love?
    Have you always dreamed of traveling? Improving your singing, dancing or acting skills? Focus on writing, drawing or painting? Learn new languages, study baking, or master other skills? These things are hard to prioritize when we are so caught up with work. We don’t have energy anymore to exercise our skills or go into an adventure. This is also the main reason why so many talents have been wasted, so many great works haven’t been discovered, and so many dreams not achieved. Just because we need to be practical in the real world, we tend to forget about what we really love to do. The right kind of job should give you the opportunity to develop yourself and enjoy life to its fullest.

Not so many jobs offer the privileges mentioned above. But there are few which you can definitely choose. Being a Financial Advisor would be one of the greatest choices one can make. It touches all four areas of concern namely: (1) effort equals income where you get unlimited earnings based on the amount of effort you put in, (2) self-fulfillment for helping people achieve their financial goals and at the same time securing their family’s welfare, (3) sufficient time with family because you won’t have to stay far away for work because your market is just within your reach, (4) improve yourself while enjoying each moment in life because you always have time for yourself and you always get the opportunity to explore your talents and the world.

Yes, I am a Financial Advisor in a premier life insurance company. But I’m not saying that it could be the right career for you too. However, if you are willing to go out of your comfort zone and embrace personal growth, then great things await you in this industry. Yes, it’s not easy and success is not certain because your income is commission-based. But if you find that you have the passion to always help other people first, commission will be on its way. So if you have what it takes to put mission first before commission, then you are most welcome to join our passionate team! Together we’ll make difference in people’s lives while experiencing simple joys of life because the career that gives importance to your existence is the right career for you.