Do Christmas songs affect consumer spending?

Jose Mari Chan meme is becoming a usual trend over the social media every September. It’s an indication that Filipinos are quite excited for a long Christmas celebration that will happen. Then the moment malls open on the first day of September, the long-playing Christmas songs will start to be heard until January of next … Read more

How to Handle A Money Conversation During A Crisis

Joe was 21 years old when the 2008 financial crisis happened. He still remembers how severely affected his overseas Filipino worker (OFW) neighbors were that time. He considered himself lucky because his uncle helped him finish college and get hired by the shipping company where the latter was working. But his uncle was due to … Read more

How much do you need to be successful?

You’re listening to a very powerful motivational speaker inside a huge conference room. Before ending his talk, he throws out this question: “Who wants to become successful?” Everybody’s hand goes up in the air, which leaves you no option but to raise yours as well. After all, who doesn’t want to become accomplished in the … Read more

Are You Tracking Your Financial Grade?

When we were in school, it was not only parents but also noteworthy students who were grade-conscious. Exam results, medals, and recognition became the bases for favors, especially during shopping sprees. Grades turned out to be the ultimate bargaining power! Students who were described as carefree and infamous, on the other hands, were the ones … Read more

Pag Nurse ka yayaman ka!

Karaniwan sa ating mga nurse ay may goal na makapagabroad para lumaki ang sahod at makaipon para sa pangangailangan ng mga anak, kapatid, magulang at para sa sarili. At meron din na ang dahilan para umalis ay upang magkaron ng puhunan para makapagtayo ng sariling negosyo. Kasamaang palad, dahil hindi nila alam paano maguumpisa, ang … Read more

Pasko na OFW ko, miss na kita, balik ka na FOR GOOD.

Hindi ko kayang i-describe kung gaano ang sayang nararamdaman ko habang tinitignan ko ang bunso kong anak na si Alisa na tumatalon-talon. Tuwang-tuwa syang salubungin kami ng nanay nya nang isang araw na galing kami ng Dapitan Arcade, namili ng mga Christmas decors para sa papalapit na kapaskuhan. Lalong natuwa si Alisa ng sagutin ko … Read more

What You Don’t Know About Estate Planning Can Hurt Your Family

One afternoon, at one of my financial planning seminars, I asked my participants, “what is estate tax?”. A number of participants replied in unison, “it’s the tax we pay every year!” Although, many Filipinos nowadays are well aware of the fundamental concept of financial planning, many are still ill-educated when it comes to estate planning. … Read more