Recognizing warning signs of financial trouble

AS we enter Fire Prevention Month, a period marked by heightened awareness of fire safety and preparedness, it’s crucial to protect our physical environment from wildfires and safeguard our financial well-being from potential economic fires. Just as this season’s hot and dry conditions increase the risk of fires, economic factors can also create explosive situations … Read more

Retiring during rising inflation

MOST Filipinos rely on social security for their retirement. However, despite the evidence in the past that depending on the government retirement program will surely lead us to despondent golden years. Still, from generation to generation, this is a considerable debate about whether to invest in it or just be faithful for the future. Of … Read more

Pauwi ka na, handa ka na bang ubusin ang lahat ng pinaghirapan mo?

Sa isang OFW, kung ang pag-alis ng bansa ang pinaka-mabigat na pakiramdam, ang pag-uwi naman ang pinakamasayang yugto. Sa mahabang panahon ng aking pagbabarko, hindi ko pa rin nagawang masanay sa ganitong “cycle of emotions,” iiyak tuwing aalis, hindi naman makatulog pag pauwi na. Sa aming mga marino, ang pinaka hihintay naming balita ay kung … Read more

What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You (Why We Are Vulnerable to Scamming?)

It was the rush hour of Friday morning in January 12. A white man in jeans and long-sleeve T-shirt emerged from the Metro at the L’Enfant Plaza Station and stood beside a trash basket. He carried a violin case and took the instrument out after a while. Placing the case near his feet, he threw … Read more

The Reason Why You Don’t Get What You Want

We keep on wanting many things in life. In fact, because of too many wants, we fail to see what we are already getting. Nowadays, people in social media keep on talking about financial independence. The subject on personal finance becomes the most talked-about topic. But despite of all the information we are getting on … Read more

Start the Year With The Right Financial Mindset

After months of saving money for the holidays and draining your bank account within few days, you have to face the fact that reality bites – you have to pay all consumer debts you have incurred during the season Natapos na ang napakagulong schedule mo, umalis na ang mga nagbakasyon sa bahay nyo, at unti-unti … Read more

Whatcha Gonna Do With That 13th Month Pay?

People making lists Buying special gifts It’s a time to be kind To one and all It’s that time of year When the malls are near And you wish you Could have more To buy all presents From a store I know we all know ‘Give Love on Christmas Day’ by heart. But I messed … Read more

Seeking Investment Stability thru Diversification

This Article also appeared in Money Sense Magazine. For more than fifteen years of my seafaring career, if there is one lesson that I could equate my life to this work I could sum it up to STABILITY. Stability is not only about the ship being able to float safely in the water, but it … Read more