Why You Don’t Save In Your 20’s


You’re too busy being young. Who’s not? We only get to be young once, right? We don’t have time for serious stuff. Maybe when we had enough of fun. Maybe when we get couple of wrinkles. Maybe after 10 years. That’s the time we’ll think about what worries the older people. Life’s too short to waste your energy for problems. “You Only Live Once” indeed.

As a young professional, you work for money. You need that to finance gimmicks, travels, parties here and there and whatnots. Basically, life is all about enjoying what the world could offer. So saving money is highly impossible. We’re too committed to maintain the lifestyle we’ve started when we finally get to earn after years of studying in college.

You see, sad thing about being schooled for almost two decades is that we were never taught how to handle our finances. They did mention we should study hard so we can find a good work. Then when we get hired we were advised to work hard so we’ll get a good pay. And we actually follow that. What’s wrong with it? You were told to be a slave for money. That doesn’t sound so good, does it? So hang in there as I explain further.

I’m 22 years old and I currently work in a BPO company and I have seen that we have all been stuck with this routine: work, get paid, pay bills and/or debts, buy needs and/or wants, have debts and repeat. This behaviour is identified as the Rat Race. Like a rat that’s trying to get out of its wheel cage, we keep on running to escape poverty but what we do doesn’t get us out there. It’s a pointless pursuit.

I knew I needed to have some discipline to get out of the rat race so I attended some financial wellness seminar but none of the seminars moved me like the Financial Planning for the Fast Changing World Seminar of Christopher Cervantes. He has so much passion in helping Filipinos become financially literate. To make the story short, I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons when it comes to growing your money which I can pass on to the next generation as well. I am now a proud member of his team and honoured to be an advocate of this noble mission.

Knowledge will give you freedom. If only you’ve taken the time to invest on learning more about financial concerns, you could have known that money can work for you instead of you working for it.

Fast forward to when you are 30 and there’s a big chance you still don’t have savings for 10 years of work. When you are 45, you’ll most likely find yourself even working harder because you have mouths to feed. On your 65th birthday, you might be still an employee or living in the mercy of your children to survive. Why? Simply because you thought life is all about fun.

Now, why you don’t save in your 20’s? You don’t think these things might happen to you. Or you avoid the thought of these things happening to you thus you fail to plan ahead. And if you fail to plan, you plan to fail in life as per Christopher Cervantes. As a young person able to earn like you, this is my challenge: are you gonna stay busy being young? Or busy building your wealth while you’re young?

Let me leave you with this quote from Mr. Google:

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Dragging yourself to attend a financial wellness seminar can be a small step that can get you to a thousand mile 🙂