Long Term Investment: Relationship


A Long Investment is something that ordinary people doesn’t know how it really works, that’s why I made a comparison that is quite easy to analyze. Since most of us were fan of the word  “forever” I decided to make a comparison between Investment and a Love Affair/Relationship. I hope you find it interesting as I mention several points to consider before entering into a Long Term Investment and Relationship.

A person enters into a serious relationship because he has a plan of building his own family. And when we talk of relationship it has a deeper sense of commitment, love and discipline. While Investment somehow gives you an opportunity to earn but the idea is somehow similar in a way that you need to establish first of all your plan or reason why you are going to make an investment.

Most young people is fond of entering into a relationship after another. They do not consider if it is the right time and the right person. What ‘s even worse is that it leaves a scar, a mark  in every persons heart every time the relationship fails,  A scar that may never mend. People even end up broken, frustrated and lonely. An investment is somewhat similar in this area wherein you enter in an investment with an end in mind, a particular goal/dream you wanted to happen in the future. A person should meticulously inquire if it is true and legal so that it would make realizable gains that will meet your goal in the future.

A relationship is about commitment, time, energy and love for the person he wants to be with for the rest of his life. Although somehow It may sound very ideal, a person must in mind consider risk that there are things you may not like in a person or that there are some ups and down in a relationship. But you will still continue and not quit because love is a commitment.

An investment also involves commitment, time and your all effort to make your goal possible. It may sound risky at times but you have qualified it already before buying it.  It may undergo some ups and down but that does not necessarily mean you are giving up on your dreams. You will commit yourself on investing your savings regularly according to your target plan.

In general, A long term investment is a process of determining your objective and your commitment to it. The process may be long but it definitely will make you a better person whose need will be met and satisfied in due time.

A relationship is about who you are and who will be with you for the rest of your life and wishing that person will be with you then when you need him the most. Same thing with investment, it’s about you and your vehicle of Investment that will takes care of you when your financial need arise or should I say your partner towards your dream of independence.