Like all other financial goals, planning for child’s education is an important one just like the other.  Bilang isang magulang, ang isa sa mga mahahalagang pangarap natin para sa anak natin ay ang mabigyan ng wasto at magandang edukasyon sa pangarap nating paaralan.  But the sad truth is, most parents, especially the young couples, always fail to prepare for it.  When our children are still young, life seems to be smooth and easy to manage.  Ang nangyayari ay, waldas dito, waldas doon, travel dito, travel doon.  But when our children start to enter college, the story suddenly change.  Kung dati ay ayos lang; ngayon, utang dito, utang doon, sangla dito, sangla doon.

Most parents are surprised when their children are about to enter college. My usual reaction to that is: “Hello? Hindi mo alam na mag-aaral ang anak mo?” When they were young, we often ask our children what they want to become when they grow up. And some might consistently answer they want to be a doctor. So why didn’t you prepare for it? As a responsible parent, we need to make sure that nothing will stand in the way of giving our children the best education. But remember that the best is always expensive most of the time.

Therefore, planning for our kids education in advance will help us ease the burden, if not eliminate it in the future. How can I plan for my children’s education?

  • First, ask yourself what course do you think your child wants to take in the future, then in what school you want them to go.
  • Determine how much the present cost of education of the course you think your child will take at a particular school. Refer below on the present cost of education from major universities.
  • Then multiply the present cost of education to the factor of inflation, safe to assume is 10%.
  • After knowing the total future cost of education, look for an appropriate type of investment for this goal.